I’m writing fiction and raising a family– the two things I’m most passionate about. How lucky is that?

I’m British- living, for my sins, in Minneapolis.

In my thirties, I wrote "clever, kind, funny & Jewish," on a scrap of paper. Not long after, I met a clever, kind, funny, (not Jewish) Yorkshireman on American Airlines 51, flying from London to Dallas, Texas, and I married him.

 I’m now the mother of two wildly spirited daughters and an adventurous stepson.

When I retire, I’ll write until 3:00 pm, hike up a mountain in the afternoons, and dine with family and friends, preferably at Les Terraillers, Biot, France. Or dine at home, with salsa dancing between every course. Dream on. . .

A former journalist, I wrote features for many years for London’s Evening Standard, writing full-page profiles of people in politics, business, arts, and sports, including the divine Nobel Laureate Alice Munro. I also wrote freelance for the great British newspapers: The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, The Sunday Times, as well as magazines like Vogue, Tatler, and New Statesman

I’ve done many different jobs along the way to becoming a writer. Two of the silliest (for me) were investment banker and commodities broker.